Established by Andrew Edmunds and Nick Moss in 2012, Sixtwo is a Manchester based architectural studio. A wealth of expertise at the cutting edge of commercial design means we offer a service that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Award winning excellence comes as standard, as does commercial savvy and client focused service from inception to completion. Nick and Andrew are both multi-award winning architects, but as they recently observed, “Awards are nice to have, but delivering what the clients need and meeting their budget and time requirements come first, every time”.

Our three core guiding principles:

Measurable value for our clients through a thorough understanding of their business needs.

It’s not enough to look good – our clients need buildings that deliver in every dimension. We ensure our work is cost effective from day one – buildable, controllable and well-detailed. Our buildings work.

Our reputation for excellence enables us to unlock site potential quickly and effectively.

Planners know that they can trust our work. Consequently, we maximise site efficiency in ways most architects cannot, which makes us the fast and profitable choice.

Our work ensures our clients stand head and shoulders above their competitors, creating highly marketable projects with character, personality and distinct identity.

One key challenge for clients is competition for their target buyers and tenants. Standing out from the crowd is essential in an increasingly competitive commercial environment. With this in mind, our work always creates the ‘must have’ factor.

What people have to say...

“One of Manchester’s best and brightest”

“I’m an admirer of both your work and more particularly the spirit that produces it”

“The new is as functional and straightforward as the old and the two co-exist in a clever and respectful composition to form a wonderful workplace”

“This project reveals considerable skill and delight in detailing within a tight budget. There’s an authenticity to the interventions which never jar with the Victorian fabric, giving the building another, equally valid existence”

“We combine cutting edge creativity and commerciality”

“I’m an admirer of your work and more particularly the spirit that produces it”

“Passionate, but coolheaded, creative but with clear tangible benefits, Sixtwo always deliver true to their ethos”

“Head and shoulders above the competition ;-)”

“Nick Moss Architects are the future of Northern Architecture”

People we work with